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Towsafe is a Western Australia licensed repairer

Trailer Maintenance and Repair Services

Western Australia Wide Service and On-site servicing  (callout fees apply)

TOW-SAFE provides a wide range of Trailer Maintenance to ensure safe and efficient towing. To better assist our customers servicing requirements, we also offer a fully mobile facility eliminating any need for inconvenient dropping off or collecting of your trailer in business hours.

Here is a list of the most common services we provide.

Price (incl.GST)

Safety / Functionality Check

from $ 55.00
Lighting system including reflectors
Braking system if applicable
Wheel bearings and seals
Suspension components
Wheels and Tyres
Hitch and safety chains
Ancillaries - jockey wheel, rollers, winch, latches etc.

Bearing Service (750kg-4500kg)

We only use high quality Japanese bearings and marine grade, high temperature grease

Standard Trailers from $ 180.00/axle
Braked Trailers from $ 180.00/axle
Boat Trailers from $ 190.00/axle
US Trailers from $ 230.00/axle

Brake Service

Mechanical override including:
from $ 120.00
New brake pads / shoes
Hitch lube
Inspection and adjustment
Hydraulic override including:
from $ 180.00
New brake pads / shoes
Hitch lube
System flush
Inspection and adjustment
Electrical including:
from $ 180.00
New brake shoes
Elect. Magnet Coil and wiring test
Inspection and adjustment

Suspension replacement
Leaf springs, u-bolts, pins and bushes:
Single axle from $ 250.00
Tandem axle
from $ 450.00

Pricing will vary depending on specification and condition of serviceable components.

For further details contacts us on;
(08) 9244 2520
(08) 9244 3675